Exclusive Stream: Astaroth Incarnate


Canadian death demons Astaroth Incarnate are about to drop their new EP Ominpotence – The Infinite Darkness, get in here to hear it first!

Astaroth Incarnate hail from the chilly Northern climes of Ontario but their sound suggests anything but. Rather than predictably churn out some frigid atmospheric black metal befitting of the region, the young 5-piece opt for a roasty riff-centric take on the style of modern death metal commonly associated with bands found around the Mediterranean region.

Flashes of Melechesh-ian fury abound throughout Omnipotence, namely in the tasty note choices and in the higher register vocals. The riffing fluently segues from heaving low-end thumps to stylish legato-laced hooks; add in the smattering of solos so well matched to the songs they almost feel surreptitious and you’ve got everything you could need from an album of this style. The bass shifts between running lock-step with the tighter palm-muted riffs and jaunting off on some more extravagant fretboard journeys of its own (notably on album highlight “Sanctum Of Torment”); while the percussion is tightly wound into the mix without falling into the trap of sounding distractingly triggered.

The band’s frontman Astaroth, has this to say regarding the album –

“All of our songs, music and lyrics combined, are built around personal exploration for each spawn to experience in their own way. There is fear, knowledge, punishment, strengthening, torture, judgement, enlightenment and many other subjects which we portray in our material”

If you enjoyed Enthean‘s crisp sound on their progressive-tinged recent debut, or latter-era Behemoth, you will most likely find something to grab a hold of here. Omnipotence – The Infinite Darkness comes out tomorrow, pick up your copy through CDN Records and follow Astaroth Incarnate on their Facebook page.

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