As I Lay Dying – Redefined: A Video Breakdown


What was wrong with the first definition, hmmm?

Have you heard the good word? Tim Lambesis is risen. Yes, after going to jail for trying to hire someone to murder his wife, the As I Lay Dying vocalist’s redemption tour is in full-swing. The band is back together after the other members tried to move on with a new project called Wovenwar. The recently finished up a US tour with multiple sold out shows. Soon the band is now also set to tour Europe with Chelsea Grin, Unearth, and Fit For An Autopsy. It seems like forgiveness and forgetfulness is in the air. What’s a little “I wanted to make my children motherless for $20,000” between friends and fans, right? The “I’m Super Duper Totes Sorry For The Almost Taking A Life Tour 2019” continues with a brand new song and music video for the band. Should we break it down?

Naaaaaaaah. Let’s just go down memory lane instead.










So here we are. The redemption arc is almost complete. Many have forgiven. Some have not. Zao‘s Scott Mellinger falls into the latter. You can probably figure out where we stand too. You’re certainly free to make your own decisions as forgiveness is never a requirement.


If you actually want to see As I Lay Dying’s new video, it’s on Youtube.

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