Exodus – Blood In, Blood Out: A Video Breakdown


Is everyone still doing the Toxic Waltz?

I’m not a thrash expert. I don’t even play one on TV. I’ve never owned a bullet belt, I’ve never ironed a Hirax patch on the back of a denim jacket, and if push came to shove, I probably couldn’t name 5 Overkill songs. But that’s ok! You don’t need to be an expert to know that Exodus was one of the pioneers of the thrash metal scene. They’ve been at it for 34 (!) years and have recently reunited with singer Steve Souza to release their latest album Blood In, Blood Out this past June. Let’s take a look at their new video for the title track.

0:04: Whoa, too close Steve!

0:06: Bro, do you even bro, bro?!

0:11: Wrinkly white t-shirts provided by the bottom of your dresser drawers.

0:20: He spit his cherry Kool-Aid on the floor! OH NOOOO!

0:27: There’s more facial hair in this group than an East German fetish orgy.

0:38: Is that blood squirting or is someone stabbing Count Chocula?

0:42: Band: “Can you do some zoom ins and out?” Camera guy: “CAN I?!”

0:49: We’ve gone from Toxic Waltz to Bromosh hoedown.

1:06: To quote the classic movie Friday, “You got knocked the fuck out!”

1:10: Spas-tic Sing-along!

1:18: Hepatitis shots provided by Nuclear Blast Records

1:25: Muttonchops Malone enjoys his 2 seconds of fame.

1:31: Weeeeeeee!

1:40: Is there a rule against seeing the band members’ heads while they play? They’re human beings too, damn it!

1:53: It’s the left hand’s time to shine.

2:07: Steve Souza just went full gonzo on that guitar.

2:14: Invisible oranges. They’re not just for black metal and magicians at fruit stands.

2:21: I would pay good money for this guitar solo to end with a big money shot coming out of the guitar head onto the crowd.

2:36: That room must stink by now.

2:56: Is that fog or just funk rising off the pile of humanity?

3:04: The beard is here!

3:12: “Ahuhhuh! We’re moshing! Ahuhuhuh!”

3:18: Can’t we all just get along?

3:28: The jiggling beard is almost hypnotic.

3:35: Now that I think about, why exactly are they fighting?

3:36: Probably because they’re all embarrassed that they’re wearing the same thing.

3:42: Oh good. 20 seconds of not the video I was just watching. Thanks Nuclear Blast.

That was an Exodus song alright and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not really much going on in the video, but that’s fine. No need to spend lots of money on elaborate sets or special effects. That money is better spent getting all the stains out of their clothes. I hope they use fabric softener.

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