YOU Pick the Best Album of 2K17


Another year, another chance for the ToH Community to show it’s composed of the nicest folks with the bestest taste in all of the metal blog-o-sphere. We aren’t crazy about year-end lists ’round these parts, but we love our readers and we love letting them choose the albums and artists most deserving of praise. Toileteers have picked three great records in a row, so let’s keep that love-train a’running on the track to Excellentville. Just follow the steps below and let us know which album you think should be the crown jewel in metal’s 2K17!

What record will be named the Toilet ov Hell Official Album ov the Year? The choice is yours!

The Rules!

  1. Don’t be a dingus.
  2. Make sure all comments are shown before supplying your entry.
  3. List your favorite album(s) in the comments.
  4. Crucify that MF ctr+f to make sure you aren’t being a reposting dingus.
  5. Crucify that MF up-arrow on albums you love.
  6. Voting ends Saturday.
  7. Downvoting is useless.
  8. Don’t be a dingus.
  9. GLHF!
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