Wolves in Heat: The Cure for Your Election Blues


Wolves may not be all that badass anymore tbh, but to those of you wearing wolf/wolves shirts as you read this, I say: Fear not, wolves are now officially Punk as Fuck.

Ever thought to yourself that life is boring and pointless and you’d be better of running naked through the woods streets, soused on brown liquor and howling at the moon? Well shit, have I got the band for you! Wolves in Heat is the first wolf-themed punk band I’ve ever come across, and yet their On the Prowl EP is already canonical. Canonical. If you haven’t heard this band yet, it’s because you haven’t heard this band yet, but today is the last day that you will be able to say to yourself or others “I haven’t heard this band yet”, so rejoice! This here On the Prowl EP is cheeky, catchy, and it goes hard. It’s got everything you need to kick your shitty work-week to the curb and fire up a legendary weekend full of pomp and liquor, which you will not remember because too much pomp never fails to induce total blackout. Just listen to the blastbeats at the climax of “The Names Have Been Changed” and tell me Wolves in Heat don’t go hard. Just listen to “Scissors”, the chorus especially, and tell me this doesn’t put a stupid smile on your grim, frostbitten face.

Tell me it doesn’t make you want to chug a 160z Schlitz while kicking your neighbor’s trashcans into the street. If you cannot tell me this then you are not a wolf, not even a rat–you are a fucking crawfish and you should be ashamed.

not a wolf

not a wolf

So nail that motherbonin’ PLAY button to the cross and when this EP’s whip-snap 20 minutes are up, nail it again. Bonus: A breathtaking cover of Duran Duran‘s hit single “Hungry Like the Wolf” which far surpasses its source material in every imaginable way. FFO: Circle Jerks, wolf samples, dancing with wolves.

On the Prowl is NAME YOUR PRICE on bandcamp. Buy it and then go here to thank Wolves in Heat for making your stupid life stupider.

(h/t Ron Deuce)



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