Flush it Friday: The White Whale Album


It’s an obsession—a big, glistening, phallic obsession. Your perfect album. Your white whale. Maybe it’s 11 DR all the way through (even the grindcore bits). Maybe it has Gene Hoglan on drums, Steve DiGiorgio on bass, and somehow the egos forget to clash and you get something that actually lives up to their individual talents. Maybe it’s a 5th Cormorant album. (Cries in owl.) I swear in the name of the Sacred Son, if you don’t tell me (along with the obligatory G/B/U) about your perfect, elusive album, I’ll sick Dane on you!

Sepulcrustacean awakened Pharaoh from its limestone prison:

Review: Pharaoh – The Powers that Be

BSG strung us along to planets unknown with these Alien Stories:

Review: String Noise – Alien Stories

Stick with the quick, siqq picks:

Joaquin’s Rapid Review Round-Up

You think I’m joking about Dane huh? You’re going to feel rill silly when he gets all Arthurian on your a$$.

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