Ministry to Release the Most Embarrassing Album of 2018


It is with a heavy heart that I report the early 2000s are back.

You guys remember the George W. Bush administration, right? There was an illegal war or two pushed through with falsified evidence happily disseminated by the “liberal” media, the United States engaged in countless human rights abuses, spied on citizens, and required travelers to go through a demeaning experience every time they hoped to board a flight. In other words, it was the exact same then as it is now. At the very least, we all learned that technocratic policies and smug liberal platitudes are powerless to stop the advance of reactionary neofascism. Or did we?

Industrial fans will be thrilled to hear that Al Jourgensen’s long-running/oft-quitting band Ministry is making yet another return, this time to engage in the high quality political discourse we’ve been missing since Dick Cheney left the White House and ascended his throne built from the bones of half a million dead Iraqis.

“This album, ‘AmeriKKKant,’” said Jourgensen, “will provide FEMA-type relief for the devastation ‘Hurricane Cheeto’ has brought upon us.”

Setting aside the fact that FEMA is an absolutely vital resource for Americans displaced by disaster and that it saved members of my family from homelessness after hurricane Harvey this year, holy fucking shit UGH @ “Donald DRUMPF is orange like a Cheeto!” Donald Trump is a comically transparent grifter stuffed inside the obese body of a disheveled old man with a brain that’s rapidly degrading into a Brillo pad. You’ve got a lot of material to work with, please try a different insult. But I digress.

Al Jourgensen is no stranger to vitriol-laden industrial metal records directing their ire at a Republican president. He released his anti-George W. Bush trilogy of records, Houses of the Mole, Rio Grande Blood, and The Last Sucker between 2004 and 2007, at the height of Dubya’s power. Though the records had the artistic power of changing your Facebook profile picture after a tragedy, they must have worked because Bush stepped down in 2008. Their goals completed, Ministry called it quits. Then they reformed and quit and reformed and quit a few more times.

For the next 8 years, liberals continued about their brunch while the richest people in the world got richer on the backs of the poorest and drone strikes became ambient noise in the Middle East because Obama was #slay like a boss. But now things are bad again.

AmeriKKKant will be the band’s 14th studio album, and the nine songs it contains promise to be, “rooted in Jourgensen’s unadulterated anger for what’s happening in America today – the waning respect for the U.S. Constitution, the growing acceptance of one’s opinions replacing facts, the decline of our leaders’ sense of morals, ethics and personal responsibility to the country and to their constituents, and the mad man in the White House.” Surely this album will stop Donald Trump. 

Al Jourgensen is angry, as we all are. But my dude is angry at all the wrong things. This is hashtag Resistance nonsense about respecting norms and traditions instead of attacking the root causes of strife: inequality, the militarization of police, corruption. Instead, Al’s interested in protecting an ancient document written by slaveowners and jocking the slogan of neoconservative munchkin/pundit Ben Shapiro.

If you’re angry, consider working with local grassroots coalitions to help improve life for the people in your communities. One such organization is the Democratic Socialists of America. It’s worth taking a look imo.

You can watch the video for “Antifa” right here, but the definitive anti-Trump song was released last year. I’ve helpfully posted it below.

Ministry’s AmeriKKKant is out March 9th on Nuclear Blast.

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