Flush It Friday: Highlights with Weekend Dad


I’m typing this up while on a conference call! Technology, amirite?

Folks, it’s been a week. I was in one meeting literally all day yesterday, and the only breaks I’ve had today were excursions to the bathroom to, as they say in Estonia, drop trau. I’m as whipped as a sack that has been very whipped after listening to Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate. After this conference call and a training session with my doggie (she’s learning to spin!), I will drink exactly one beer then fall asleep in the backyard.

But first, some non-meeting highlights of the week.

Vladimir Poutine knocked a review of Iris outta tha pahk!

Reviewed: Altars of Grief – Iris

Richter lost his mind balls in a fog of Street Sects.

Street Sects Live in Sunny, Sunny (Too Sunny) Phoenix

I got thinky with slugs, traffic crashes, and fascists.

Learn Statistics with Slugdge

Ben Serna-Grey exposed himself and some weird Japanese stuff to us.

Vampillia: in Praise of a Truly Unique Band

Breno definitely didn’t get jelly of your success, no sir.

Me Being a Failed Musician Has Nothing to Do With Why I Think Your Band Fucking Sucks

Justin played Edward-40-Hands with two punk records.

DOUBLE PUNK REVIEW: Sordid Dogs and Death Pill


Tech Death Thursday: Karpathian Relict – Forever Not Yet

Leif committed some past nastification with Down Among the Dead Men.

Premiere: Down Among the Dead Men Are Here to Destroy the Infinite

365 gave us the DDP Diamond Cutter in the squared circle.

Quiz: Wrestler or Metal Band?

McNulty was born again from the grave.

Premiere: Graveborn – “The Shapeshifter”

That’s it for me this week, homies. Thank you for your continued patronage of this digital waste receptacle. As you enter your weekend, remember…

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