Flush it Friday: A Fungus Amogus


At this point, colony collapse disorder in honey bees is a well-known phenomenon, one that threatens the biosecurity of the planet’s food web. A number of viruses (including Deformed Wing Virus) are spread through hives by a particularly brutal-sounding mite, Varroa destructor, decimating the population along with other harmful materials like pesticides and other forms of pollution. But Roldy, my life is already crumbling, why are you telling me this? Enter: polypore mushroom mycelium.

This web of hyphae gets me HYPHIE. Extracts from these mycelium have been shown, when administered to infected honey bees, to significantly lower viral load and extend lifespans. These natural antivirals were discovered by the bees themselves, which were found foraging on the mycelium, leading scientists to explore their properties in greater depth. Long story short: fungi are important, and (at least in my own upbringing) were not explored or appreciated in any way.


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