Flush It Friday: Some Gud Life Advice


Hi everyone. It’s Friyay, which means a time for celebraysh: for the weekend is coming v soon. Alas! It’s also a time for self-reflection and group therapy at this very blog ov waste. Here’s my go at it:

Good: on Wednesday night I drove to meet a friend at a microbrewery. It was fun! And so all the crazy political and/or social issues were out of my head for about 30 minutes and I made the realization that some of the world’s problems might be solved if all people tried this one simple trick: BE NICE TO OTHERS. Now I’m not saying all the bad shit of the world magically went away, just that it was out of my mind for a comfortable, introspective thirty minute drive through multiple neighborhoods of various economic situations. And it felt rill gud.

To the right wing extremists on Twitter… be nice! To the left wing extremists on Twitter… be nice! To the boomers on Facebook… be nice! Politicians, members of the police, company bosses, regional managers, average individuals, hell anyone with a heartbeat… just try and be flushing nice, okay??? Imagine how much better off the world would be if each and everyone of us had the natural instinct to be nice to others. (Yes, even the people we hate! You don’t have to make out with them, just be kind.) Sometimes it’s tougher than others, I’ll admit.

Bad: work is silly. I don’t like large companies. I like smol ones. But it’s okay because one day I’ll run a record store!

Ugly: my bodily organs (brain included) after trying to adjust to second shift for several months, and then adjusting back to first. Sleeping habits, too. And diet.

Listen, I know there’s a ton of human beings which don’t intrinsically deserve our respective kindness. But let’s just start with it. Being kind isn’t costly. It doesn’t mean we’re going to “add” racist idiots on Facebook and Twitter to our friends lists, just that we leave the asshole-itude to THEM. Let’s be able to claim, on our deathbeds, that we tried to be nice to others. Sound good? Or am I nuts? Lemme know in the comments secsh. It’s your turn, flushers…

The podcast this week was on point. Enjoyed the hell outta that discussion.

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