Flush it Friday: Get Your Patreon Rewards Right Now


Oh you didn’t know? Better call somebody.

Folks, I dunno if you’re aware of this but we have a Patreon you can give your hard-earned money to. Every month we do at least one bonus podcast episode (you’ll get two this month) and a brand new mixtape. You can even get a physical copy of the tape if you stack chips hard enough. We’re too early in the year to fill up a cassette with brand new metal jams, so this month the tape is all about old-school video game tracks. We got everything from Duke Nukem to X-Men 2 to Earthbound. It’s a hella good time. Check it out here. The first bonus show of the month is also live. You can listen to the Toilet boyz discuss Arch Enemy‘s photographer problems, giving Jeff Bezos your DNA, and a rollicking discussion about the term that will not die: “Political Correctness”. Listen to it here.

Here are the greatest hits of the week.

Soilwork is back! In G.I. Joe form!

Soilwork – Stålfågel: A Video Breakdown

Breno dropped another instant classic.

Meathead Summit Held to Determine Hardness of Nails Frontman After Twitter Tirade

I read a terrible book about a terrible person.

Toilet Radio 161: Death Punch’d – Memoirs Of A Garbage Human

Spear premiered some straight fire.

Premiere: Equipoise – “Waking Divinity”

Karhu found… a thing.

Let’s Take A Look At The Synth Wave of Swedish Death Metal

Finally, you can help name the new Bad Wolves album.

Bad Wolves Need Help Naming Their New Album. We Have Some Suggestions.

If you’ll excuse me early this week, I gotta go print and ship some cassettes. In the meantime I want you to get to commenting. Let’s talk it out, motherfucker.

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