Flush It Friday: Deep Field Ceiling


Hey! As Aaron Lewis would say, it’s been a while.

This was a weird week. The crumbling of American society continues unabated, yet we also got a look beyond our puny Earth squabbles and caught a glimpse of what lies far beyond our solar system and our short, wretched lives. I used to absolutely love seeing Hubble images and other space discoveries, but at this particular moment, it almost feels a bit silly to be exploring space when the earth is dying by our hands. That said, I’ve been trying to look for the bright spots, and the James Webb Space Telescope’s successful capturing of the deep field was a chance to do so quite literally. New images out yesterday even focused closer to home, giving us a glimpse of the Jovian giant just past the asteroid belt. Connecting this to metal, I think the violence and bombast (heh) of the universe is much like the violence and bombast of metal: often, it’s too far out there for many to comprehend, but at its most accessible, it’s a great reminder of our place within systems far beyond our control and at the mercy of forces that bend us to their will. Now, let’s take a look back into the deep field of the Toilet and see what happened this week.

Spooky pummeled us with a hefty helping of hardcore:

Hardcore Is A Friendly Pummeling

Them radio boiz hit us with some Stranger Things action:

Toilet Radio 380 – The STRANGEST THING is that anyone listens to this show

And Spear rounded up the mountains of metal being released this week:

Weekly Welease Wednesday (7/13/22)

What got you inspired and/or filled with existential dread this week? Hit us with them G/B/U’s below.

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