Flush It Friday: The Common Cold

Sacred Son blowing his nose.

Well, it finally got me—not the ’Rona; that was a year and a half ago, but the MFin’ common cold. I hadn’t had one since at least early 2020, and guess what? Still sucks! I spent most of yesterday reading, slurping tea and taking weird naps with weirder dreams while my needy cat pranced all over my person. I’m glad at least someone was enjoying themselves.

I suppose it’s a sign that “normalcy” has returned in that we’re getting “normal” viruses again. That said, after watching the powers that be crank out a COVID vaccine in record time, it is fair to wonder why we haven’t fast-tracked cures for other diseases. Oh, right; you can’t profit off of permanent cures unless the disease in question is so crippling to the global economy that it demands a lightning-fast solution! What a shame. It’s almost like the private sector shouldn’t be in charge of our well-being…

But I digress. At least, unlike COVID, colds are predictable. What HASN’T been predictable is the bevy of awesome premieres bustin’ into the Bowl this week. We had…

…some Maze of Sothoth(othothothothoth) courtesy of Beavis:

Track Premiere: Maze of Sothoth – “Scorn of Flesh”

…a full Ominous Scriptures album, streamed early courtesy of Spear:

Premiere: Ominous Scriptures – Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition

…and a hopeless yet pretty Ablaze My Sorrow rekkid from the one and only Ben:

Premiere: Ablaze My Sorrow – The Loss of All Hope

What’s premiering in your life? Unwanted diseases, wanted metal, assorted life crap? Hit me with yer G/B/U’s below.

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