Flush it Friday: Cube 420 – Hotbox ov Hell (Horror/Sci-Fi)


I knew I’d been in the nest too long when I was sort of excited to be in a cubicle again. No, this isn’t just the brain-worms talking. It’s just that I’d only ever worked in open-office environments which are the nadir of start-up-bro-ass, Silicon-Valley-nonsense-ass things. (Being trusted by a manager sure feels weird.) My Toilet time has become severely limited during the day, which is a constant bummer, but it makes every flush, every game of “sink the battleship” a momentous occasion. I carry you all within my feathery bosom. May the Sacred light of the Son shine upon you, and hold you in these tumultuous times. Stay horny.

Tha Boiz really upset me with that font. You know the one. (Also—Creep men prey on 10):

Toilet Radio 317 – The David Ellefson Autobiography

365 is on Krampus’ naughty list for premiering thrash this fun:

Premiere: Nattmaran – Beauty In Chaos

What’s cooler than this Maiden merch? Literally everything:

Shirt Stains: Iron Maiden Un-Cooler

Is your world “post-COVID” yet? What are you listening to? What the heck are you all even up to? I feel like a strangebird in a strange land. Pull me closer and tell me your stories.

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