Flush It Friday: Flush Cancer


The time has come again. Sexta-feira, Viernes, Freitag. Friday. Whatever you call it, this is the day in which we flush down the bummer, the dreadful and the horrendous with the fury of a thousand tides. We then proceed to share the glories and accolades of our victories in this gathering of champions. Also, beer.

THE BAD: I shall commence the flushing ritual by talking about a very personal issue. Most of the regulars here have probably heard me talk about my grandmother. She is my favorite person in the world, someone who has lived with me since the beginning of my life. In fact, she was the person to officially raise me – if you take into consideration how much time my parents spent working in order to provide for us.

Last year, she was diagnosed with colorectal adenocarcinoma, for which she was submitted to a rectosigmoidectomy surgery. Thankfully, the tumor was located in such a position that a colostomy bag was not necessary. Everything seemed fine and she began the clinical follow-up that every cancer patient undergoes after treatment.

Recently, a chest MRI showed two suspect images in her lungs. In order to confirm the diagnosis, her doctor ordered a PET-scan. It showed that not only both of those masses were metastatic, there was also another one on the liver. She will reluctantly receive chemotherapy, which is yet to begin. Even though she is an otherwise healthy 79 year old lady and there is perspective for cure, I am worried about her quality of life. If this is the disease that takes her, I just hope that the last days of her life are not painful nor uncomfortable.

THE GOOD: I have been spending a lot of time at home since 2015 started, so that means I get to be with her a lot. We have an afternoon coffee session daily, and seeing her laugh at my idiot jokes is what makes my day. Another good thing is that I understand mortality as a natural occurence. I know I’ll miss her tremendously, but the only thing that concerns me is her well-being. As long as she is comfy and smiling I’m good.

Music has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. Being able to not only write about it but discuss it on a daily basis with like-minded individuals is just beautiful. To some it might be “just a blog” but dicking around the Toilet ov Hell quickly became an addiction. I’d like to thank you all for turning this into something special.

I am not only burning fat but I am also getting swole. Expect full Spartan by the end of the year.

THE UGLY: An eternal tug-of-war between my receding hairline and my sex life. Bear in mind I am only 23000 years old. You’d think that ancient deities would be better off, but nah. All we get these days are so-bad-it’s-good film adaptations.


Your turn has come, mortal. Grab a seat around this shiny Porcelain Throne, flush your tribulations. Raise a glass in honor of the better things in life. This is Flush It Friday.

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