Flush it Friday: Just Here To Tempt Fate Edish


Folks, there’s nothing quite like a fever of 105 to bring your own mortowlity into focus. It’s been a rough week as COVID properly fucked me to bits, but I’m feeling well enough now not to try and pin FiF onto any of our hapless contributors—this is surely a sign of healing. Thankful for this community, the content, and the endless Discord shit-posting that’s kept me afloat through all of this. Much love to my dumplings <3.

Spear ripped a nice and meaty one with this Graveripper premiere:

Premiere: Graveripper – “Seasons Dreaming Death”

Tha Boiz at Toilet Radio received a visit from the DARKNESS LIGHTMAN:

Toilet Radio 444 – Which Makes Dumber Lyrics, Humans or AI?

IGoM gave us an invitation to some Invultation:

Track Premiere: Invultation – Severed Umbilical Chaos

Jake took part in a li’l witch burning with Arch Blade:

Review: Arch Blade – Kill The Witch

Tell me ur siqqest stories along with the G/B/Us. ~<3 Roldy

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