Premiere: Stuff Your Head With Some Raw Colombian Gear From Orgullo Nativo


100% uncut South American material.

Modern life getting you down? Do you find yourself craving the undiluted adrenaline of those first few backyard gigs you went to as a youth? The feeling that the whole thing could go off the rails at literally any moment, beer and smoke coalescing in the sky above you, not understanding a single word anyone around you was saying but nodding maniacally along with a knowing smile that no matter how sore your neck was going to be the next day, it had all been worth it. Well, I’ve got some good news for you! That kind of spirit still exists in South America.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. There’s not really any good news for you personally, you’re still marching towards your inevitable death, but at least you’ll be able to try and rekindle some of your awkward and extremely brief glory days courtesy of the second album from Colombian primitive thrash upstarts Orgullo Nativo. The young trio play an archaic and aggressively straight-forward style of metal; rudimentary riffs, punchy drums, rumbling bass, and even though I don’t have a fucking chance of screaming along to the lyrics, Cesar’s vocals were perhaps the most impressive part of the record. There’s something about hearing the combination of thrash metal and Spanish screamed in a South American dialect which is just appealing as hell in a visceral sense. Check it out for yourself…

Pick up Entre el Campo de Batalla from Morbid Skull RecordsBandcamp page for its release on May 5th.

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