Flush It Friday: Legendary Screams Edition


What better way to ring in the weekend than a heartfelt scream?

Our owlpal Roldy posted Stu Pickles’ scream the other day, and it got me thinking about other famed ululations. No particular reason for that; it’s not like the topic was on my mind because I’m immensely frustrated with my job and screaming internally for about 75% of the day, haha. That would be nuts. Haha.

Anyway, here’s the shriek in question:

Of course, the first other example to come to mind is the number one most famous scream, which, even in its first appearance in 1951’s Distant Drums, was never uttered by the actor on screen. It’s from a sound effect recording session:

Sound designer Ben Burtt credits actor and entertainer Sheb Wooley with the scream. Burtt also worked on Star Wars, where he combined sounds of a skidding car and an elephant into the distinctive TIE fighter scream. Until today, I thought that was the same as the so-called Howie Scream. I could have guessed that a Klasky/Csupo production wouldn’t have the funds to license a Star Wars sound effect:

Apparently, this one originated in the film The Ninth Configuration. Of course, if you’ve been around the Toilet a few times, that’s not the Howie scream you’re most familiar with:

Wow, that was a disappointing video. Know what’s not disappointing? This week’s delicious Toilet content:

I was pleased to find that The Bleeding are fun now:

Track Premiere: The Bleeding – “Chainsaw Deathcult”

Megachiles took us out on a tour through nature, occasioned by the latest Botanist record:

NATURE IS BEAUTIFUL (VOL. IX – Nocturnal Pollinators w/ Botanist’s Selenotrope)

Joaquin kept the PR machine a-rollin’ with some sweet French BM:

Track Premiere: Aodon – “Egon”

And Bob Genghis Khan even had a few non-castle-related questions for Craving:

Interview: Craving

What are you currently screaming at? Got any favorite screams? I think Daniel Stern’s work in the Home Alone movies is deserving of praise, but maybe you’ve got some cool examples from, I don’t know, metal or something? Those guys are always screaming about something. Post ’em along with your Gs, Bs, and Us!


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