Flush it Friday: TRY, TRY, TRY AGAIN


Those words weren’t necessarily meant as an encouragement to keep going but hey, if that’s what you need, then rock on, dear reader. You got this.

I love trying new things. Whether it’s food, music, or movies, I’m pretty voracious in my appetite for new experiences. But you know what’s almost as good as trying new things? Trying old things again.

And that’s something I’ve been doing a lot lately. I’ve been making decisions to seek out things that I have previously not enjoyed and give them another shot, and lately, these attempts have been wildly successful.

I’ve spent most of my life being generally not a fan of those top-down-click-or-drag-your-mouse-to-move-your-character games. In fact, I really can’t think of any exceptions to that rule. But recently I was thinking about how long it had been since I had played one. Probably 6 years at least. So I decided to try something old/new: I downloaded Diablo III. And dear reader, I am excited to report that I love this game. It has single-handedly re-opened my mind to a genre that I thought was long dead to me. It has convinced me to download the Divinity games and give those a try too (once I’m not working on a senior paper). I’m sure they’ll be a blast.

But these attempts to re-attempt haven’t just been limited to media. I’ve started coming around to avocado. What has long been the green-and-grody has had its status changed to the green-and-guess-it’s-fine. Baby steps.

And speaking of grody, it’s time to flush!

Our beloved Bob blesses our beautiful bowl with a review of the new Wormhole:

Review: Wormhole – Almost Human

Bob’s bangers abound as he births another review, this time of the most recent Inhumation:

Review: Inhumation – Degradation of Existence

Toilet Radio begins this year’s October Spooktacular, featuring Liz Layne:

Toilet Radio 458 – Trick Or Treat feat. Liz Layne

Our very own all-knowing owl premiered a track from Convocation:

Track Premiere: Convocation – “Graveless Yet Dead”

BSG‘s the best

He’s our one and only

He eats a lot

Of fried bologna

And also shares his thoughts on the new NYOS:

Review: NYOS – Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever

Coming to you courtesy of our very own Professor Guanaco, we have a list of autumnal albums to pair with some spooky-dooky, non-vernal volumes! Unless you’re like me and can only read if there are pictures, you won’t want to miss out!

Album and Book Pairings for a Doomy Gloomy Autumn

Thanks to everyone who submitted this week and thanks to all of you reading along on the porcelain throne, wasting time at work (don’t worry, we won’t tell)! If you missed any of these posts, feel free to browse until your left leg falls asleep. As always, drop those GBUs in the comments!

What are mine this week? Why, I thought you’d never ask!

G: I recently found my way out of a depressive episode.

B: Try though I might, canteloupe still doesn’t do it for me.

U: My car’s brake lights won’t turn off.

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