Premiere: Horror God – “They Were Behind the Barbed Wire”


Come worship at the altar with me.

If you’re a regular Toilet-goer, then you’re no stranger to gross, ugly, disturbing music. For some of us, it’s a way to channel the myriad horrors of the world into an aural form, a way to consume and control the feeling. Others thrive on the experimentation with strange sounds that pushes the boundaries of metal and, occasionally, the concept of music itself. Whatever your reasons, if you thrive in the murk, you need to add Horror God to your library immediately.

The struggle with creating avant-garde music always lies in leaving a lasting impression with the listener; it’s hard to write a hook in a song that goes out of its way to be inaccessible. In this regard, Horror God are experts. Their music, ugly as it is, builds on a strong foundation of familiar death metal norms, giving them a more concrete sound than many of their compatriots. Their split with Techne was one of 2017’s best records, and I’m very pleased to bring you the newest single from their forthcoming album, Cursed Seeds.

“They Were Behind the Barbed Wire” showcases a more atmospheric side to the band’s sound, allowing hazy chords to soak in before pummeling you with their alien riffs. The song writhes and twists around its central motif, morphing and evolving with the twisted story it tells. It creates a perfect backdrop for a guest solo from Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrythmia), who lends his considerable talent in a brief but impactful way near the end of the song. Horror God is one of the best bands at what they do, and this song shows why.

Cursed Seeds comes out on Lavadome Productions on September 27th. You can pick it up on Bandcamp or via their webshop.

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