Flush it Friday: I Have No Beak, and I Must Hoot


Golly, gee willikers, etc., I’m not sure how anyone else feels, but this week has certainly been uneventful. I’ve preened my feathers several times, coughed up a particularly large pellet (replete with a good many rodent skulls) and added some promising tunes to my Bandcamp wishlist ahead of today’s BC Friday. I also had a nightmare this morning where I woke up (meta AF) to find myself peppered with shards of glass; when looking for help, I found my dad, who parted his hair to reveal he, too, was full of shards. He shrugged it off, as if to say “it is what it is” before leaving to construct some sort of vehicle for a powerful entity that remained out of sight. I’m sure none of this had to do with anything that happened this week though!*


Spear got us a-lustin’ for some Alustrium with this premiere:

Premiere: Alustrium – “United in Enmity”

Iron Iron Iron Goddess Goddess Goddess of of of Mercy Mercy Mercy was wilin’ out with his study of the self-t(r)itle phenomenon:

The Holy Triumvirate; or, How I Learned to Love the Self-T(r)itle

Breno returned to the arms of the other Toilet Boiz for this in-depth look at FFDP and other really really not good things:

Toilet Radio 273 – Lighting Shit on Fire

365 offered us this dialogue from Dialogia, explaining how they wrangled so many famous folks for their new album:

Dialogia Pull Together A Killer Cast Of Death Metal Guests For ‘Nostrum’ In This Behind-The-Scenes Video

How have you all been doing during this very fine, very acceptable, very cool week? G/B/Us, please.

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