Flush It Friday: 2018’s Most Bananas Release


This header image is a burden too great to bear alone.

Good lord, it’s already December (well, tomorrow anyway). Seems like just yesterday I was sitting in my office in a gorilla costume, thinking about Halloween and listening to Kirin J. Callinan’s “Big Enough,” featuring Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, and Jimmy Barnes. Where has the time gone???

But, as with all things good, 2018 (good is a relative term here) must end, and with it our attention span for new releases. Metal is already balls deep in list season, with outlets as varied as Decibel and AV Club publishing their final rankings of the rich bounty of metal 2018 had to offer, so you’d be pardoned for refusing to accept any more recommendations for new content to cram in your stuffed to capacity brain holes.

However, since Joe has bequeathed me this Forum for Flushing on Fridays, I thought I’d put a timely seasonal spin on our last afternoon of November together. Let’s approach our GBUs from a slightly different lens, shall we? What’s the most bananas album you’ve heard in 2018. Or, phrased differently:

What is one album that encapsulates the good, bad, and ugly of 2018?

Who’s the gorilla my dreams, you ask? Well…

Good: Rampage, a slamming/brutal death metal four-way split featuring Agonal BreathingGangrenectomy, Pit of Toxic Slime, and Traumatomy. The slams are good. Agonal Breathing is good. Traumatomy’s riffs are good. Everything about this is good.

Bad: Well, maybe not everything. That cover art is bad. So bad, in fact, that it’s good. And relevant to our header image (pulled a fast one on you, didn’t I?). Also, as Bandcamp user Diablous points out, it’s bad that this album wasn’t called Slampage. Oh well. Hindsight, and all that.

Ugly: Agonal Breathing’s drum tone. Seriously, listen to “Victims of the Rampage!” Got dang, it sounds like a church bell ringing out from a vomit-soaked steeple! So ugly, it’s good.

Okay, your turn. Show me your bananas and GBUs in the comments below!

Go ape this weekend, friends.

(Photo VIA this cursed youtube video from Dunkey)

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