Flush It Friday: Enter the Filthpit


It is the weekend. Time to get FOUL.

What does Bathery have to do with FOUL, and what in the wild world is a Filthpit? Well, pal, FOUL are a nasty-ass death/doom band with riffs so revolting you’ll feel the need to take a Bathery! But be careful that that Bathery isn’t actually of the blood variety, like the one Joe Thrashnkill, Masterlord Steeldragon, and I explored last night in Diablo III for Nintendo Switch®, in which we found ourselves face to face against the goat-worshiping, filth-bedecked Butcher!

Look, I’m sorry about that paragraph you just read, but I wanted to find a way to talk about FOUL, Bathery, and Diablo III all in one go.

Oh wait, I could have done it in our usual Flush It Friday style!

Good: Diablo III on Nintendo Switch®

Bad: Bathering in winter when you only have limited hot water

Ugly: FOUL

So, what happened this week?

365 groped about in the dark world of Scare the Children and viscerally wrong lyrical content.

Scare The Children – The Seduction Of Little Timmy: A Video Breakdown

The return of Record Swap.

Record Swap – Rolderathis Vs Hans

The podcast people ate candy with Jinjer.

Toilet Radio 151: Scarfing Candies with Jinjer

Spear got in touch with his sensitive, folksy side for TDT!

Thrawsunblat Thursday: Great Brunswick Forest

And I got to talk about one of the first bands we covered on this here squatty potty scribbling site.

Premiere: Embrace Veilburner’s “Glory Glory Grotesque”

That’s it for me, folks. Gimme your GBUs in them there comments. We’ll catch you on the flipside.

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