Flush it Friday: Sac Fungi


With the release of the first episode of The Last of Us last week, I’ve got mushrooms on my mind. Everybody knows it was Cephalic Carnage that discovered the zombie ant-generating Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, but have you heard of the phylum they belong to (Ascomycota)? They’re more commonly known as “sac fungi,” which as one can imagine, were named for none other than the Sacred Son himself, Dane Cross. (It’s just science.) Along with causing skin infections in animals, the plant-pathogenic ascomycetes have some band name-ass titles: Apple Scab, Rice Blast, Black Knot, and The Powdery Mildews, to name a few. Maybe mushroom metal will be the next big fad with Napalm!

A Spooky Mansion obliterated our epidermides with this FesterDecay premiere:

Track Premiere: FesterDecay – “Exposing the Skin Tissue”

Joe TnK and 365 examined the brainworm-riddled mind of Joe Lynn Turner, and it’s really something special this week on Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 413 – Elderly Italian Man Rant (EPIC!)

Yours trowly premiered some melodissodeath(??) from newcomers Crown of Madness:

Track Premiere: Crown of Madness – “A Wrenching Nostalgia”

Beavis Christ’s brane was reduced to Nothingness from this full album premiere:

Full Album Stream: Nothingness – Supraliminal

Did yinz try The Last of Us? Whatcha think? Let me know along with the G/B/Us, you fungis, fungirls, and funbeings. ~<3 Roldy

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