Flush It Friday: Get Ur February Patreon Rewards


Oh hey, Friday!

I’m a little behind fulfilling all the Patreon rewards this month. Printing and shipping stickers put me behind schedule. BUT! I’ve got a piping hot bonus podcast up now featuring me and Jordan discussing tasteless album art and talking about the worst jobs we ever had. This one is worth it for the GameStop stories alone. ALSO, I just put up this month’s mixtape featuring nothing but SYNTH. Get it while it’s fresh. Here are the highlights of the week:

Joaquin waded through the filthy waters of RYM to find the 5 worst atmoblack records.

Reviewing The 5 Worst Rated Atmospheric Black Metal Albums

SlimeyLimey shared his stories of seeking treatment for mental health issues.

Even Good Boys Feel Bad, part II

The kennel scene in The Thing.

Screen Scars: The Thing


Album Art ov the Century Tournament: Pool B – Round 2

I don’t remember what happened on this show but Lacertilian said it was good.

Toilet Radio 167: I Am Toilet Radio To All Inc. A.D.

The Finnish bear digs Swallow the Sun

Swallow the Sun’s Golden Light

That’s it. Hash it out below.

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