Flush It Friday: 250 Stickers Shipped


My wrists hurt. Let’s get this over with.

By the time you read this I’ll have shipped 250 brand new Toilet ov Hell stickers all across the globe. I’ve exhausted my supply and I reckon I better re-up. My hands hurt from poorly scrawling all of your addresses so let’s go ahead and get to the highlights.

Tech bullshit sucks: part seven million

Crowdfunding Artists Accuse PledgeMusic of Withholding Payments

Dave Mustaine spends an hour on hold with customer service

Toilet Radio 164: Another Trainwreck ‘Sode

Page Mr Bob Macabre

You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Listen To Bob Macabre

You have just a little more time left to submit your favorite album art of the post-2000 era. Do it now.

Post Your Favorite Album Art of the Century

K, have fun. Bye.

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