Flush it Friday: Toilet Nite LIVE


They said it couldn’t be done. They said nobody who gives Jinjer a 4/5 on an underground metal blog should run a TovH Discord server. They said we wouldn’t last two years without being infiltrated by 8chan and brought to the ground by their superior intellect. But they failed. To celebrate our second year on the ‘cord, I’ve concocted an idea: a weekly/biweekly/monthly listening party through Discord where y’all submit a song into a playlist (managed by myself, with a different theme each session) and can introduce your pick and provide some commentary before the song begins. I’m leaning towards weekly on Thursday or Saturday night, but will align the date and time that works best for the greatest portion of the community. Anybody down in there in Disqus who isn’t in Discord, what are you doing?? Get in there!

Papa Joe did a solo ‘sode of Toilet Radio for us, and showed us how much he really doesn’t like Fugazi:

UNLOCKED: Toilet Radio 305 – Our Band Could Be Your Life Pt. 1

McNulty went MAINSTREAM in this Chevelle review:

Mainstream Album Review: Chevelle – NIRATIAS

TheoBomb painted with all the colors of Grey Aura‘s new record (and also an interview!):

Review & Interview: Grey Aura – Zwart vierkant

Get at me with the G/B/Us, and ask for a Disc invite if you’re interested!

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