Flush It Friday: Weekend Dad 3 – The Dream Warrior


Joe is going to NOLA because he hates you, leaving me, your weekend dad, in charge of family activities for the foreseeable future. I hope you brought your toothbrush and jammies, because we’re staying in and telling ghost stories.

You know the deal. It’s Friday. We’re here to hail our highs and languish in our lows. Tell us your good, bad, ugly, yadda yadda yadda.

Because it’s October, I’m taking the tried and true formula of FiF and cramming it up Halloween’s poop-shoot because for one month I get a free pass to talk about spooky stuff. So here goes.

The Good

Sloven is a short horror film distributed by Glass Cabin Films and written by Marc Cartwright. Unlike the vast majority of short films you’ll find on the internet, it doesn’t take the boring and predictable route of hammering you with jump scares. Instead, it presents a rather innocuous position but slowly uses imagery in the uncanny valley to unnerve you before delivering a final spook at the climax. Is it a curse? Is it a killer? Does this dude’s roommate just suck? Watch and find out!

The Bad

The Child’s Play series. Seriously, I do not get the appeal. How do people not just grab this doll and swing him around like you do with an infant when you want to teach it manners? These films are only scary to bedwetting children who have yet to discover the horrors of paying taxes and buying health insurance. The paintball bullet gag in the third movie is a decent joke, though.

The Ugly

Spooky movies need spooky tunes, and there are few places better to look in the realm of metal than the French black metal scene. Mysticisme channel both orthodoxy and atmosphere with deeply unsettling occult leanings to leave you raw and vulnerable. Nasty stuff.

That’s it for me, boys and ghouls (nyuck nyuck nyuck). Now it’s your turn. Tell your weekend dad what spoops you.

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