Premiere: Tyrants of Hell are Purveyors of Perversion, Disease and Satanic Sleaze


All things acronym’d ToH are good and just.

I have been asked life’s eternal question and have pondered it thoroughly over my twenty nine wretched years on this Earth. It has been the center of my focus and gnawed me down through my bones and into my core, boring a gaping hole in my soul so wide that even Goatse would tremble. Like Moonlight Desires, it haunts me. It wants me. Are you unaware of the question about which I speak? You poor, sheltered child, allow me to rend your nights sleepless: Why take it easy when you can take it sleazy?

Is your mind fucking split in twain now, you plebeian. You absolute jabroni. Luckily I am kind and am willing to immediately ease your mind on this incredible matter. What could I, a humble writer for Toilet ov Hell dot com, possibly have that could set your mind right after Nolan Ryan hurled it into the abyss like a wild fastball? How about some new music from Floridian thrashy death outfit Tyrants of Hell?

Titled Perversion, Disease and Satanic Sleaze, this new recording will have you feeling like you just went through a reverse car wash. Featuring bouncing rhythms, slurred vocals, and exactly the kind of maniacal drumming you’d hope for, it makes for a great, more death tinged companion to something like the new Cemetery Lust album.

Are you more at ease now, faithful reader, more prepared to perhaps slide down the sleazy path and abandon the easy one? Come now, and slide down the filth ridden path with me.

Perversion, Disease and Satanic Sleaze will be released through Caligari Records on Bandcamp, keep up to date with Caligari on Facebook.


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