Flush it Friday: Locke & Key & Me


After tearing through 75 issues of Sandman (and still having several offshoots to explore), I realized I needed a break from the Dreaming. Never one to avoid punishment, I immediately dove beak-first into the world of horror comics, starting with the Locke & Key series by Joe Hill (illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez). It’s a good time to get invested in this tale of magic keys and dormant evil—the initial 36-issue run is completed, and soon a second major arc will begin, entitled World War Key, which is set centuries ago and documents Locke family ancestors and their involvement in U.S. history. (The particularly bloody bits, as you would assume.) And would you look at that…the prequel to the new arc, The Golden Age, contains 3 issues that cross over into the Sandman universe. Now, I typically view fandom crossovers how I view intro tracks (nothing but a vapid waste of time), but I’m honestly excited to see how this was handled. If it was handled anything like these folks handle steaming hot content, I’m in for a treat.

365 Days of Horror was feeeeeeeling it when he wrote this Shirt Stains:

Shirt Stains: Born Of Mr. Krabs

Hans was, believe it or not, totally on his grindset again with the latest BnG:

Bump’n’Grind – The Upcatchenning

Like a bat outta h*qq, Hans is back again with an Algebraic premiere:

Track Premiere: Algebra – Chiroptera

TheoBomb set his phaser (pedal) to stun with this Phase IV review:

Review: Phase IV – Phase IV

I’ve been a distant creature as of late, but know I’m always watching, even in the darkest times. Hit me up with them G/B/Us (and horror comic recs). ~Roldy <3

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