Premiere: Feral Light take us into the Walking Tomb


Some new USBM for us n’em.

So unless my memory is failing (spoiler: it almost certainly is) it’s been a while since we’ve premiered any black metal on here, and today we get to change that courtesy of this new psychoactive morass from Minneapolis two-piece Feral Light. Now I’d previously not heard of the band before this week but upon visiting their band page I discovered their guitarist/vocalist Andy was from a band we’ve mentioned a couple of times recently on the site, filthy new death conglomerate Coagulate. However, where the latter deal in disgusting blood-drenched death metal, Feral Light have a more diverse repertoire, mostly falling under the loose banner of post-black metal.

The track we’re premiering today, titled ‘Walking Tomb’ is one of the more dread-laden offerings from their upcoming album Life Vapor. Kicking off with a lumbering and extensively layered first few minutes, the twang-tinged tremolos culminate in the mid-section where the previous 3 minutes of tension cohere into a more focussed and upbeat attack. The production has an organic feel which is perfectly suited to this type of forward-thinking black metal, echoing the dismal yet addictive style of their fellow USBM cohort in Gloam, however Feral Light appear to have a much broader pool of influence and should appeal to a wide range of you fussy bastards. Have a listen here:

Grab your copy of Life Vapor ready for its May 8th release here


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