Flush It Friday – Carpal Tunnel


PSA: make sure to do your stretches, kids. I played 3+ hours of Dark Souls games a night for a few months straight without doing any and I now have horrible, shooting pain in both wrists that radiates up to my shoulders. I’ll be visiting the doctor on Tuesday, who I’m sure will chastise me and prescribe 2 doses of GIT GUD to my weak, low-DEX hands. At least I’ll get to rock some defensive brace(r)s for a while. You know what isn’t weak? This week’s #Content.

McNulty had a scrum with Scrimm in this review/interview double-feature with Winds of Leng.

Review/Interview: Winds of Leng – Monuments of Agony

Yours Trowly and Black Metal Porkins jumped the shark with a Record Swap ft. Squalus and Ved Buens Ende.

Record Swap – Black Metal Porkins Vs. Rolderathis

Spear skewered the sounds of Blind Guardian‘s first foray into purely orchestral tunes.

Review: Blind Guardian – Legacy of the Dark Lands

Ben Serna-Grey gave us the deets on musique concrete with a premiere from NOISEPOETNOBODY.

Premiere: NOISEPOETNOBODY – Concrete Vitalist

Le SHITPOSTING Army…attack!

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