Riff Of The Week: Plant Edition


Which riff sclerifies your woody bits?

Last week we asked for riffs from albums featuring snow on their cover art. After generously declining the win and awarding victory to GoatForest last round, I’ve decided to embrace the dualism of dictatorial rule and deny him the prize for his extremely low-hanging snow-covered fruit this week. And just to be extra dogmatic, I’ve decided to deny 3rd place to Eternal Champion as well for a severe lack of distinguishable snow. Fuck to everyone.

This week our theme was Plants.

Here’s what you sent in…

HÄIVE – ‘Turma’ (Riff @ 00:34)

Folk-inspired Black Metal that sounds like it was recorded in the middle of a fog-drenched forest definitely isn’t scarce, so it’s always fun to hear a band that is especially good at it. Häive makes some solid riffs all throughout this album, but this one in particular is my favorite.

Positronic Brain
1914 – “Arrival. The Meuse-Argonne” (Riff @ 0:10)

The lyrics include the word “forest,” which qualifies for this week’s theme because forests can’t be seen for the trees, which are plants. ANYWAY, downloaded this album for free courtesy of Redefining Darkness Records and holy fuck if it ain’t one of the best things I’ve heard all year. The first track is this creepy-cute World War I women’s recruitment song from, I presume, 1914, and then track two fucks your earholes with a crushing guitar tone and then this sick tremolo riff at 0:10. DO NOT sleep on this album – it’s death, it’s black, it’s doom, it’s fucking awesome.

Howard Dean
Boris – “Riot Sugar” (Riff @ 0:00)

Aging has confirmed to me that I don’t really like “weird” music. I don’t like weird bands, I don’t like weird sounds, I don’t like overly weird arrangements, and I don’t like musicians who try really hard to be weird (that last one is the absolute worst). I like clarity and structure, and verse-chorus-verse does me just fine most of the time. Boris is one of the few genuinely weird bands that I like and listen to on occasion. These are some weird folk, for sure. This track, however, is pretty straightforward. The main riff here is heavy as fuck and I dig it mightily.

Trauma – ‘The Hidden Seed’ (Riff @ 0:14)

I guess most seeds are hidden actually.

Carpathian Forest – “Everday I must Suffer” (Riff @ 0:00)

I thought about doing something deep and serious (Green Carnation), rude (Nile sowing their black seeds of vengeance), or local (Gourmand – Blossoming from the Grave). But I figured that right now we all just need something that’s ridiculously goofy and fun. You can pretty much randomly hit play anywhere on this album and hit a cool riff. Plus you can’t get more planty than a forest.

Replicant – ‘Sewing Seed In Dead Soil’ (Riff @ 1:34)

These boys been chieeef’n on that loud jazz cabbage nawmsayn pffhhhh pfffhhhhhhh.

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