Riff-Raff Podcast Ep.12: Back In Blvck


Aside from new black/death from Ceremony Of Silence, Sorathian Dawn, Frozen Soul, Kaleikr, Thanamagus, Abyssal Vacuum, and Úirwe talk Lords ov Chaos, racial slur genre tags, criminal junk (Godfather/Sopranos/Chopper), DSBM AC/DC, pissed off Boomers, and uhhh… Harrison Ford.

After going off the rails last week, we’re back, and believe it or not, focused. Kinda. Scroll down and you’ll hear.

Music Featured:
Ceremony Of Silence – ‘Invocation Of The Silent Eye’ from Oútis (out 5/4/19 thru Willowtip)
Sorathian Dawn – ‘Adversarial Iconoclast’ from Sun Of The Deep (out now)
Thanamagus – ‘Unburied Whispers’ from Incorporeal Passage (out now)
Kaleikr – ‘Neurodelerium’ from Heart Of Lead (out now thru Debemur Morti)
Frozen Soul – ‘Encased In Ice’ from Encased In Ice (out now thru Maggot Stomp)
Úir – ‘Duinbrunde’ from Óenach Tailten (out now)
Abyssal Vacuum – ‘V’ from MMXVIII (out now thru Solar Asceticists)

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