Flush It Friday: 500th Post Extravaganza Edition


What the fuck have I done?

WordPress tells me that sometime in the past week or two I officially passed the 500 published posts mark on this bloody boghole. What started with a one-off reader submission flush for the Porcelain Throne back in February 2015 developed into full-blown fecal-flinging frenzy. Due to time-zone differences, and as I’m usually busy doing extremely cool Saturday morning Dad Stuff® when the Flush It Friday posts go live, I typically miss shooting the shit with all y’all for these thingos. Thanks to everyone who has read any of my junk over the past 5 years. As I can barely remember any of the articles, I’m just going to eat an entire urinal cake to myself and call it a day/night. Quick reminder you’ve still got a few hours to send in your fave riff of 2019 so far for tomorrow’s Riff Of The Week competition.

If you missed either of this week’s Podcasts make sure you catch up over the weekend as Kit and I played some excellent new metal, and the other 3 talked about the finer points of 5 Finger Death Punching CBD suppositories right up your clacka. Aaaand as a bonus, I’ll link you a post from way back in the TovH archives that I consider to be one of the greatest things I’ve ever read on the internet.

Toilet Radio 190: OMG FFDP CBD LOL


Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.25 Barefoot ist Hegel

Wow! Check Out This Very Cool List



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