Flush it Friday: Lunch By Yourself = BASTE


My brain is porridge after several day-long, web-cam mandatory trainings this week, so this’ll be short ‘n bittersweet. As a totally underground show once said, betwixt bouts of crushing banality, it is BASTE to TREAT YO’SELF. (Have you heard of Parks & Rec? It’s sort of like The Office. And Harry Potter.) I did just this today, taking a stroll to the library, picking up a Jared Diamond book (Collapse) as well as a horror short story collection by Laird Barron (The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All), shoving an absolute SLAB of lamb curry down my gullet, and slurping some bubble tea on my walk back to the nest. I beseech thee, do something nice for yourself whenever the opportunity arises. Wait, here’s just the ticket! Some HAWT TOILET #CONTENT from this week!

Hans got Unruly in this review. I give it VERDRÄNGTEN/10:

Review: Unru – Die Wiederkehr des Verdrängten

Say hello to ShredViking! His first review for TovH rawked out with its Greyhawk out:

Review: Greyhawk – Call of the Hawk

Megachiles made us all his guineapigs today:

Video Premiere: GUINEAPIG – Mermaid in a Manhole

Two podcasts came out, but I’m not getting caught up in their war (I’m a pacifowlst). Check them both out, and…idk, fight to the death in gladiatorial combat in Disqus, I suppose.

Do you have any self-pampering rituals? Please spare me any NSFW details, but otherwise, SLIDE that in along with your G/B/Us below.

Love Owlways,
Roldy <3

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