Riff Of The Week: Instrumental Edition


Brought to you this week by Silence® – “The Thinking Man’s Choice“.

Last week we got all bent up with bendy riffs. And even though everyone stepped-up with sound choices, Jimmy McNulty smashed it up with a riff from Suffering Hour‘s mind-warpingly awesome debut. Even though my vote went for Spear’s solid Sunless selection and thought that particular Pestilence riff would also have had a good shot at winning, that Suffering Hour album is so awesome I can’t even pretend to be mad. Well done to everyone involved.

For this week’s contest we asked for riffs from instrumental songs, and we got a pretty diverse selection for you to select from. Guess it’s further proof that the ominous conclusions drawn from our independent investigation into metal’s most dangerous genre were portentously accurate. Make sure you use the PROMO CODE SILT after voting to get your free Legionnaire’s disease home-test kit with your next bag of garden soil purchased.


Glorior Belli – “In Paradisum” (Riff @ 2:00)

Before they went down the blackened sludge rabbit hole, Glorior Belli wrote some very good semi-traditional black metal. This song is full of great riffs, but this is my favorite. It’s got a great melody, and it fairly radiates a sort of highbrow malice, especially given its title.


Obliteration – “Instrumental” (Riff @ 0:00)

Obliteration rips, and this track is undiluted headbanging riffage. The bonus outro riff (starting @2:55) will make you want to crush things. [Lizard Note: Vote for this]


Overkill – “Feeding Frenzy” (Riff @ 1:07)

The riff at 1:07 (recurring at 2:14, which is kinda neat) is played on some weirdly tuned guitar that apparently only has four strings. Don’t know what’s up with that, but it’s kinda jammin’.


Chimaira – “Implements Of Destruction” (Riff @ 1:30)



Succumb – “The Initiate” (Riff @ 0:19)

The first song off Succumb’s Succumb is a short instrumental full of grit n’ gristle. It goes all like djdjdjd djd j jd jdjdjdjdjdjd. Unrelated: chewing on gristle makes me gag. If this song were in my mouth it might make me gag too. Happily, it is in my ears instead. Get your gag on at 0:19.


The Aristocrats – “Ohhhh Noooo” (Riff @ 0:37)

While this isn’t exactly a metal band, all three of the members have been involved in a metal project at some point, and with summer on it’s way and the sun out, this riff just fit my mood too well to pass up.  It’s so sassy!

Ted Nu-Djent

Vektor – “Mountains Above The Sun” (Riff @ 1:05)

The Sabbathy riff that kicks in at 1.05 comes from completely left field when you consider the group behind the riff are not really known for this type of malarkey.I was a little put off by this when I first heard it but in the end it serves as the perfect warm up for the chaos that ensues. But here it is and I dig it and I would like it if you all dig it too.


Dysrhythmia – “The Line Always Snaps” (Riff @ 0:00)

Anytime I hear the first riff of this song I’m compelled to listen to the whole thing while watching dune buggy videos on loop.

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The theme for next week is prog. Send your prog riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com by Friday being sure to include your screen-name, the time your chosen riff starts, and a short description. We’ve got a special surprise for the winner courtesy of the very generous reader nmb02ss!

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