Riff Of The Week: Coffin Edition


Riffs from Tomb Mold, Psycroptic, Witch Vomit, Rotting Christ, Putrescine, and Caustic Vomit.
Which one gets your vote?

Before we crack open a cold n mouldy one, let’s look at the results from last week’s Mercyful Fate/King Diamond Edition. Looks like Mercyful Fate/King Diamond won, congrats!

This week our theme was coffins
Let’s see what you sent in…

Positronic Brain
Witch Vomit – ‘Despoilment’ (Riff @ 3:03)

The coffin connection? Well, the album is Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave, and coffins go in graves. This riff cracked me up when I heard it – it’s more like something you’d hear on a Ratt or Motley Crue album (i.e., the end of the verse of “Looks That Kill”). Hit a chord, bounce dat whammy bar a few times, hit another chord, whammy again, done. Stunning in its simplicity, heavy as fuck in its execution.

Psycroptic – ‘Skin Coffin’ (Riff @ 1:30 / 1:10 w/ buildup)

This 40 second section is (my) biggest highlight in all of Psycroptic’s discography . It’s just so perfect. The build up with the three different ‘phases’ of the riff, the B I G B O Y tempo switch up (how do u call this?), the insane groove and those vocals. Love how they are ‘playing’ the riff too, and how they go through the phases (high pitch on first ‘phase’ and then those demilich-like lows).
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Tomb Mold – ‘Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside Pt 2)’ (Riff @ 3:35)

Tombs have coffins in them, yeah? My only alternatives were Coffin Birth or Coffin Haze. I rarely listen to grind for the riffs, and every surf rock riff sounds the same. Anyway, I’m just getting into this album, so I don’t even know if this is the coolest riff on here. Neither do I know why this song has this weird little appendix at the end, but it stood out to me and I find it immensely satisfying.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Caustic Vomit – ‘Once Coffined Malformities’ (Riff @ 3:49)

This NYP three-track demo from Russian death-doomers Caustic Vomit is chock full of sepulchral riffage and has held a prominent place in my listening rotation for most of the year. There’s a nice slice of variety on this track in particular, and I’m goin’ with this wiggly piece of mold muck for my submission. Check out the whole EP! <3

Black Metal Porkins
Rotting Christ – ‘The Fifth Illusion’ (Riff @ 1:34)

What the fuck else would I submit? It says “coffin” in the lyrics.

Putrescine – ‘Child Size Coffins’ (Riff @ 0:00)


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