Open Swim: Corpse-Paint Cat Hates Flutes, Owner, Life


It’s Monday afternoon and my soul is already destroyed. Let’s just watch cat videos.

Mr. Maci don’t take no shit. Especially not from some flute-playin’ human. At least I assume that’s the cat’s name. “Mr. Maci” is a recently created YouTube channel by an eccentric Russian woman. Let’s watch this Abbath-looking motherfucker get buck on his owner for assaulting him with frequencies that probably really piss off cats.

If it seems like Mr. Maci is overreacting to a minor annoyance, there’s a good chance he may have a vendetta. The only other video on this channel’s history shows his owner demonstrating the process of putting the cat in a “trance”. Laugh at this demonic cat’s plight.

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