Sunday Sesh: Trapped Under Ice


The last embers of summer have long been quenched, and Autumn is entering its death throes, scattering falling leaves with every shake. The Fimbulvinter approaches fast. Embrace the death of entropy as the temperatures drop to absolute zero. In this Sunday Sesh, we celebrate the icy riff.

ToH stalwart and one of my favorite users (yes, I rank you) Jom Pootersan brought a new compilation of arctic extreme metal icicles to my attention yesterday. This collection, published by Hypnotic Dirge Records, features blasphemous blizzards from Sorcier des Glaces, Grieving Mirth, Immortal Bird, Galaktik Cancer Squad, Verlies, netra, Veldes, Windbruch, Obsidian Tongue, Epitimia, Harrow,  and Numenorean. I haven’t made my way through the entirety of Subarctic Nocturnes: Within the Ice yet, but everything I’ve heard so far is solid, even the song from the ridiculously named Galaktik Cancer Squad. I’m sure each of you will find some icy riff frostbitten enough to match that cold void where your heart should be.

If you’re still trying to think of a riff so cold that your butt will have to be amputated due to freezer-burn for ROTW, this compilation isn’t a bad place to start. Best of all, it’s only $1 Canadien. I definitely encourage you to toss the label more if you can, though, and seek out some of these bands to jam more.

So, did you get snow-blindness from this compilation? Have any frigid jams you’d like to recommend? Sound off for the Sunday Sesh.

As always, stay cooler than cold. Stay ice cold.

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