Flush it Friday: Xmas Eve Eve


Shitpost your way to the holidays in here.

I’ll be totally honest, fellas. I forgot about Flush it Friday until eight minutes after it was supposed to be posted. Sorry about that. Here now is your open swim to get you through to Xmas Eve. If you’d like something holiday-related to fill your time, may I suggest this listicle of acceptable Xmas music I wrote last year? I think it has aged well, like a fine vintage wine.

10 Xmas Songs That Don’t Make Me Want to Spit Acid In Your Face

Anyway, I got a puppy. He is a very sweet boy but I am exhausted from trying to train/contain him. He’s about to fall asleep, so I’m going to go to the mall and get a pretzel/last minute gifts. Here’s a cute pic of him wrapped up in a fur hat. See you tomorrow.

Franklin the Pug

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