Flush It Friday: The Extremely Sick Pug Edition


It is Friday. Unwind from the week in here.

It’s been a tough one. Franklin, my littlest pug, has been extremely sick. I don’t mean that’s been siqqqq and fucking up shit in the pit. That would rule. I mean that he’s been really ill. Last weekend he started vomiting. A lot. I took him to the vet but they couldn’t give me any conclusive answers on anything.

By Sunday he refused to drink water or eat any food. This is a dog that would step over my corpse to get to a chunk of chicken. Clearly something was seriously fucked up. I took him to the emergency animal hospital.

After doing some screenings they called me in the middle of the night to tell me that Franklin needed surgery to clear a severe blockage in his intestines. They completed the surgery in a few hours and the next day I picked him up from the hospital and brought him home.

He still seemed unhappy, only tentatively taking bites of chicken. He started wincing in pain and vomiting even more. We returned back to the animal hospital. They put Franklin back under and opened up his little belly in the middle of the night again. It turns out that he was leaking fluid because they had punctured his intestines with sutures.

I’m going to (hopefully!) pick Franklin up from the hospital tonight. But this little guy has been through so much and I’ve been worried sick about him the entire time.

Good: Franklin is coming home tonight
Bad: Worry, stress, pug pain
Ugly: About $4000 in debt for puppy surgeries. Wanna buy some guitar gear? Or pledge to the Patreon? Please?

The floor is yours. Thank you for your continued support of this particular internet toilet. We’ll be back tomorrow.

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