Free Flush Vol 3


I’ve done it, I’ve gone THROUGH Bandcamp. I have kept up with the newest additions and caught up on some old ones. With total and manic energy I tediously kept documentation of every one of them that “sounded good to me” at the time. I’ll be pulling from this ongoing resource for my reviews on here. Highlighting some real interesting ones along with some older treats. I’ve got enough to effectively theme these things. Find out about it all and share your own finds in this group.

Now, usually I’ll post a variety of albums with a lot of fancy atmospheric type stuff. Nah, not this time, I focused on trying to provide a handful of albums to tear your rectum to, or at least stretch it a bunch more. These are all free, remember, the premise of Free Flush.

Faitheater – Perdition

March 5th, 2020
Blackened D-Beat from Australia
Artwork by Jay Blencowe

Remember that killer Colosso EP from my last post? Well this is a similar idea with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse theme and four tracks. Instead it’s Australian, hardcore and much looser. I don’t know exactly who is behind it but they assure us that they are veterans of the underground, and you know what? I believe them. The sound is pretty tight. I love the drumming, especially the triangle sounding shit. I dunno, I’m a guitarist not a drummer.

Sectioned – Annihilation

April 27th, 2018
Metallic Hardcore/Math from Scotland
Artwork by Mitchell Gillies

Now that you’ve gotten your beak wet, let’s hit some real shit. This won’t just tear your rectum, it’ll peer deep into it and make a tent out of it, stay inside there and ferment over years. I first heard this one late 2018 and I fucking remember it still. It’s chaos and danger, exactly what you want from heavy music. This is in the category of “I can’t believe it’s name your own price”. If you’re a metalhead who hasn’t gone down the path of hardcore offshoots before then this is a pretty good way to start, or the worst way, I don’t know. It’s undeniably heavy as fuck.

Molested Divinity – Unearthing The Void

March 27th, 2020
Brutal Death from America
Artwork by Juanjo Castellano

In my recent interview with Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder (Shameless plug, I’m stoked) he mentioned Molested Divinity as being the best brutal death band right now. Also the same album cover artist is on their upcoming album Verminous. So naturally I checked them out and they’re insanely, belligerently heavy. It’s like you become desensitized at a certain point as you get used to it repeatedly slapping your tush. There is some cool stuff in here though, it’s more technical than it appears and there’re surprising rhythms. It’s a very rewarding listen and well worth a download, most of the label is NYOP as well and have some classics from acts like Disentomb.

Castle Freak – Savage Nights Of The Castle Freak

March 20, 2020
Death/Crust from America
Artwork by Diego Bureau

I picked this one not only because it is good but because I want to give a break to the die hard metal Kvnts who gave this post a visit. Here’s your short respite from pesky hardcore inspired music… GOT YA, ITS PUNK YA CUNTS, THAT’S BASICALLY THE SAME THING. For real though, this is a fun one, it has the pacing of a blackened thrash record and the loudness of grindcore—all without sacrificing too much rhythm. They’re an experienced band that clearly enjoy their themes, as do I.

Wictims – Lorn Echoes

February 2nd, 2020
Blackened Deathcore from Czechia

I spared you the djent, until now. I mean, this is pretty straightforward stuff but at the same time it sounds ‘different’ from the run of the mill American stuff. I like their aesthetic and the fact they are “six friends”, but fuck is that a stupid band name holy shit. This isn’t their first album, they have a massive discography, that’s like 6 albums under that name. God damn. So the fact I wanted to include them must speak to their quality, no?

Screw Loose – Lost In The Swarm

April 1st, 2020
Hardcore from fuckin’ England

I can’t go past hardcore from Manchester, I am morally obligated to listen to it when I see it. This is a short one but it has a lot of energy. We’re not even in metal territory anymore, I am prepared to crowdkill the president wearing nothing but short shorts and off-white sneakers. Music to punch walls to—smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, walls that is. They aren’t doing house inspections during lockdown, right? I’m getting too comfortable being antagonistic online lately, channeling those end of days vibes and my Australian sarcasm. I hope you own my house.

Collision – Satanic Surgery

February 19, 2016
Grindcore/Crossover/Thrash from the Netherlands
Artwork by Luis Sendon

TOUCH ME JESUS! This is an old one, older than I’ve ever done but it’s so damn good and the band has a new album out this month. It’s not free though, so you’ll have to stick with this one until the next stimulus package. I like the flow here, this album has a good amount of death vocals and hardcore shouts as well as everything in between. It’s a very well blended smoothie of cocks and brains.

Beaten To Death – Agronomicon

December 24th, 2018
Grindcore/Deathcore from Norway

I’m having a lot of fun tonight, are you still reading? Someone told me this recently went NYOP and it’s pretty much essential listening. If you want a grindcore album that maintains a level of curiosity about what will happen next, then this is a great piece of entertainment. It jumps across styles in an admirable way, but also remains a constant assault with the short songs and condensed riffage. [Hans was all over it a couple of years back]

Eight should be enough for today, don’t want that rectum too expanded. Gotta keep room for your keys and phone and that teeny tiny bit of toilet paper you don’t know is still there. Don’t forget to leave a comment below complaining about hardcore music and grindcore lyrics. See? I can’t help it lately, so antagonistic for no reason. I edited out my own anti-american slurs like a gentleman [Lizard Note: fucken coward].

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