Free Flush Vol 6


This lineup of free albums is pretty sick, ngl. Take to the comments with your highlights and absolutely share this article on social media. Support the bands and labels where possible, particularly with all these Bandcamp Days going on. It might even be Bandcamp Day right now. I keep a big wiki of NYOP albums here (which is where I pick what to review here). Not going to be super long winded with my thoughts on these ones, too many assignments due, try them all.

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Sleepsculpter – Untimening EP/Entry Dispersal

July 3, 2020
Mathcore/Metallic hardcore from America

This is a vinyl reissue that combines the band’s debut EP and LP into a seamless piece of headbangery with new artwork. At first I thought it was a brand new 2020 album together and I was very ready to put it in AOTY category. They remind me a lot of Secret Band in the way each song is a different beast that is interesting to watch unfold, constantly reaching new heights of heaviness. Guest vocal performances from members of The Callous Daoboys and Arsonists Get All The Girls.

Corpselium – Horror Vault

March 31, 2020
Experimental/doom?/ambient from United Kingdom

I know what you’re thinking, and no there isn’t going to be a theme of shitty looking greens, only for lack of content. This one describes itself adequately, a slow burn journey through a vault of horror filled with what I can only imagine are bonemen playing instruments. It’s a weird one but I find it enjoyable and amusing at the same time; originally I put this on blind after getting ripped—the best way to experience this. Forget you put it on and wonder “What the fuck am I listening to?” 7 minutes later. It’s like a doomier version of Axis Of Perdition.

Vampiric – Supernatural Tales

August 7, 2020
Gothic/Progressive Metal from America

A cool hybrid of black n roll and gothic metal laced with synths, wolf sound effects and all. The guitars have a crunchiness that reminds me of my home set up and makes me want to pick it up and play. A lot of fun palm muting and generally solid rhythms. There are two kinds of vocals, clean Sisters Of Mercy style deep voice and blackened thrash style unclean vocals that are still easy to make out. They handle both melody and heavy very well. It goes pretty hard, strong recommend.

Feminazgul – No Dawn For Man

March 17, 2020
Black metal from America

Such a great offbeat black metal album, something I haven’t enjoyed for some time. I don’t listen to a lot of black metal so I need it from a high quality source that I trust, and that is definitely Feminazgul. The offbeat vibes mostly come from the drumming and guitar rhythms which feel very dancy, it plays around with a lot of would-be-typical elements to either make something engaging or endearing. I like all the extra instrumentation across the tracks that adds a lot of texture to the sound. It’s overall a very emotional album with a lot of pregnant pauses, a lot of the time I imagined being on a raft out at sea during a light rain.

BRENDANFRASERECTOMY – Brendan’s Brutally Brutal bRevenge

May 20, 2020
Grindcore from Poland

Brendan Fraser-themed grindcore that goes the extra mile of even hiring a voice actor to do custom dialogue as Brendan Fraser. This will catch you off guard if you don’t respect the meme—there’s some surprisingly high quality romps on here.


Hostile – Negate Life

March 6, 2020
Thrash/Hardcore from Germany

Nice and heavy hardcore album with heavy thrash guitars and vocals. Also has a lot in common with black/death. Absolutely one for the pit, it reminds me quite a bit of early Code Orange. It’s further on the metal side of metallic hardcore than I ever hear without being nü metal. This will be undeniably awesome no matter what kind of metalhead you are.

Occlith – Gates, Doorways and Endings

May 1, 2020
Death doom from America

Dark, evil death/doom in that old school twisting style with the gargled death vocals. Occasionally steers into funeral doom territory but never quite passes over. Long metal, nothing under 10 minutes and plenty of brooding melodies. There’s also nice clean vocals that make a welcome appearance here and there. Very decent doom album with a lot of spirit and presentation—depressive stuff!

Surut – Surut

August 19, 2020
Blackened screamo from Finland

I LOVE these kinds of releases, not just ones with pink covers, but albums that combine black metal with hardcore. It works too well not to do it. Surut has strong Boss-de-Nage vibes in their sound but with more of a higher-pitched lofi screamo approach, which it turns out, is a bloody awesome way to go about it. Depression and angst hand in hand, welcome to the peak of post-black metal.

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