Riff Of The Week: Ninth Track Edition


Riffs from Abyssal, Cult Of Luna, Monstrosity, Sepultura, Entombed, Nevermore, Cerebrum, Violent Definition, and Usurpress.
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Last week for our M O O D  Edition we saw Thou narrowly dysmantle Dyscarnate.

This week I asked for riffs from an album’s ninth track
Here’s what you sent in…

Cult of Luna – ‘Passing Through’ (Riff @ 0:30)

The riff is the song. And it’s the 9th song off Vertikal. I want to go on a night-time city walk now.

Entombed – ‘Abnormally Deceased’ (Riff @ 0:00)

The first death metal album I ever bought – entirely on the strength of a review in Metal Hammer UK. Delightfully crunchy. Just like a frog. That’s covered in lark’s vomit.

Nevermore – “Poison Godmachine” (Riff @ 3:37)

Jeff Loomis is a riff monster throughout this entire track, but the massive outro rhythm combined with Warrel Dane’s demented wails makes this one of my favorite tracks of all time.

Violent Definition – ‘Violent Strain’ (Riff @ 0:19)

Seems like it’s getting harder to even find a record with nine or more songs. Scrolling through the collection, I came across these fun af Greek thrashers that I’d totally forgotten about. This is the slightly cooler one of the two riffs that kick this song off.

Clean Sanchez
Monstrosity – ‘Perpetual War’ (Riff @ 1:04)

Fuck… this little mother fuckers tasty!

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Cerebrum – “Escape to Bliss” (Riff @ 0:50)

More Tuff Guy Tech, please! <3<3

Ian Rigg
Sepultura – “Rest in Pain” (Riff @ 2:15)


So with the new Sepultura coming out, which sounds pretty good, I’ve been listening to a lot of their back catolag. This is the 9th song off the Schizophrenia album. The main riff of the song is pretty good, but this one at 2:15 is exactly what I think of when I think of 80’s Sepultura.

Usurpress – ‘The Sin That Is Mine’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Mine is Sloth.

Abyssal – ‘As Paupers Safeguard Magnates’ (Riff @ 0:42)

Was tempted to submit the electrifying undercurrent @ 5:30 but it doesn’t quite feel as impressive without the otherworldly oppression conjured by the intro passage.

Carry my burdens of dreams and longings
Watch in ecstasy
The procession of retrogrades
To the waiting of grinding teeth

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