Coffin Carousel – Skull Candy: A Video Breakdown


I want your (delicious) skulls. I need your (sugary) skulls.

Coffin Carousel are an Australian punk band. They came to my attention thanks to their label Eclipse Records relentlessly posting about them on Twitter. They may not have the biggest or most popular roster, but Eclipse certainly pushes their bands. The reason I took notice was because of Coffin Carousel’s, um, look. Here’s a promo photo to give you an idea:

It’s like the Misfits meets Cheap Trick meets The Art of Seduction. If their picture is that entertaining, then their video must be a feast for the eyes.

0:02: You really don’t see enough Rick Nielsen cosplayers nowadays.
0:09: Plenty of methed-out Misfits fans, though.
0:14: Someone get that man a stand-up bass and some zombie makeup.
0:21: Even the Devil thinks that devil lock is too much.
0:24: To be fair, he has nothing on Myke Hideous.
0:28: Even Powder needs to cover his eyes now.
0:36: The fascy go-go dancers are a weird touch.
0:43: I can’t wait for their normalizing profiles in the New York Times.
0:50: So is Devil Lock and Not Rick Nielsen the same guy?
0:58: And when do we get our skull candy?
1:05: Do I have to say “Trick or Treat” first?
1:14: Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen one carousel yet.
1:18: I’m beginning to think this video has a lot of broken promises.
1:23: Are they going to try to sell out a time-share now?
1:31: Does this count as horror punk?
1:36: It’s a little horror-y, but not particularly punk-y.
1:41: Perhaps a Horror Punk participation trophy is the only solution.
1:49: They carve a Thanksgiving turkey the same way.
1:58: Gasp! He was full of Hi-C Ecto-Cooler!
2:10: Now is a good time to run down Coffin Carousel’s band members.
2:13: Vocals and Guitars: Howard Von Noise
2:16: Guitar: Alex Stitcher
2:19: Drums: Tim Le Spooks
2:21: Bass: Skinny Horrors
2:26: That last one sounds like a bad after-school special about bulimia.
2:34: Ladies, please! We’re all upset that there’s no skull candy, but there’s no need for violence.
2:39: You could poke an eye out with that devil lock.
2:45: And that’s how Panda Express makes their lo mein.
2:52: Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weeeeeeiiirrrdddd.
2:59: Not the first time someone dressed like a fascist had dreadlocks.
3:07: Sooooo does that count as skull candy?
3:12: The title fits! We did it!

Coffin Carousel’s album Between Death & Dead is out now (it was released on Friday the 13th, naturally) via Eclipse Records.

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