Gene Simmons: too much of a creep for Fox News


Oh, so now Fox News cares about horny old cretins harassing female staffers.

Gene Simmons is having a week, y’all. Fresh off the experience of being heckled by a former Anal Cunt guitarist at an awards ceremony, Gene went and got his ass banned from Fox News. How in the hell does that even happen?

In this report by The Daily Beast, sources from Fox tell of his fateful banning on Wednesday morning. After taping a segment for Mornings with Maria to promote his new book, On Power, things… things just kinda got outta hand. Instead of attending a separate taping, Simmons barged into an unrelated staff meeting and started yelling like a senile old asshole.

“Hey chicks, sue me!” he shouted, and then pulled open his red velvet shirt to reveal his chest and belly, according to the source. Then he starting telling Michael Jackson pedophilia jokes, and then bopped two employees on the head with his book, making derisive comments about their comparative intelligence according to the sound their heads made when struck.

Apparently that’s enough to get you banned from Fox News in Donald Trump’s new politically correct America. SMH snowflakes! I’m old enough to remember when you could run Fox News and just constantly sexually abuse any female staffer you wanted with your disgusting raw hamburger penis.

I guess after spending $75 million on payouts to victims of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, the network is understandably gun-shy about allowing unrepentant creeps in the studio. Following this new strategy, I look forward to Sean Hannity getting thrown into a dumpster.

Gene Simmons is 68 years old. He is now a gross, lecherous old man after a lifetime of being a gross, lecherous young man and a gross, lecherous middle-aged man. In between fronting a promotional supply company disguised as a rock band, he’s claimed to have sex with around 5000 women and advocated for war crimes in the Middle East. In other words, I can’t believe he didn’t already have his own show on Fox.

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