Get Grim With A New Track From Depressive Black Metallers Negativa!



There is something to be said for raw and obscure black metal. It’s a genre that in an age of Alcest and Deafheaven has often fallen by the wayside. Yet every once in a while you stumble across a truly evil and wonderfully demented project. Such is the case for me with the depressive suicidal black metal projecy Negativa a band who remain mysterious and weird but who also embrace bold new futures with every passing sonic assault. The sheer misery communicated in this new track, XVII is powerful and speaks to an era of black metal that has in many regards faded into the past. It’s strangely reassuring to me though that there are still labels out there like Sentient Ruin and Nebular Carcoma (who split duties on this release) who are willing to put their time and energy into making sure these artists still have a voice.

The band had this to say:

The project is based on improvisation and spontaneity, let’s say it’s music from the inside. I just try to express myself through it and there’s no gimmicks in it, i just sit and record whatever comes to mind and then put it all together

Jam it now:

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