Sunday Sesh: Seasons In The Abyss (Spring)


Shit! Is that the time already?

Ok, so now that the season is nearly over has well and truly begun, the time has arrived for us to continue your number 1 all-time favourite seasonally-based quarterly series that occurs exclusively on Sundays.

So it has come to pass that Winter has wuntered and soon Summer will simmer, but for now you must deal with the Spring that has sprung. Whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. Sometime last year I posited the notion that the seasons have an effect on my listening habits. This elicited a torrent of responses from you all. Some of you even agreed with me! Today we’re covering Spring.

The sun reaches higher in the sky. The birds chirp. The snow (I’m led to believe that’s an actual thing that can happen…but I have my doubts) you spent all winter perilously salting like an errant slug thaws and follows its gentle course back downstream toward the ocean, swelling the rivers with hypersaline water until they become so turgid with inorganic material they make even the most negligent of plastic surgeons cringe. People pretend to clean stuff. The time to covertly remove the Winter’s cadaver collection from your chest freezer has arrived, disguising their pungent smell under the stench of your neighbour’s ceaseless Springtime application of livestock faeces to ensure his lawn remains a “luscious green.”

For me, as things start to warm up, black metal takes a back seat and the dependable beatings of ye olde faithful death metal start to become welcome once again. As everything is upside-down here, the month I was born in (September) is in Spring and I have a strong affinity for the season. Which is kinda stupid really. All it means is that my parents fucked around new years. Still, I really enjoy that time of year. Spring here tends to be a great time to get outside and get stuff done before the relentless oppression of Summer hits and the very ground beneath your feet turns into a seething blister of scorched Earth. For most of you in the North, I’m sure it’s the other way around and a great number of you yearn to emerge from the thermal cocoon of yet another cruel Winter and venture outside into the somewhat average great outdoors.

So, tell us, what do you enjoy listening to during Spring? Any tried and true favourites? Perfect OSDM time? The combined bleating of several newborn calves? Bambi soundtrack on repeat?

And yes, Stan is away currently, so I’ll add his obligatory response here – “Black Fucking Metal.”

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