Getting Laid At Bandcamp – The Bestial Edition


Tyree is taking you on a journey through some fine filthy bestial metal

Ululatum TolluntOrder of the Morningstars (2016)

Southern filthy assault at its finest. Ululatum Tollunt play a style of bestial war metal that sounds like it was spewed from the humid graves of the south. There is so much filth and grit here that it makes the full-on strike of Order of the Morningstars an absolute sludge bath of violent proportions. I’m talking a 100 degree room with a rotting corpse in the bathtub. When you listen to this demo you can almost smell that accelerated putrefaction happening under your nose. The filth is not the only ugly thing about this demo though; no it’s not! The raid of Order of the Morningstars is nonstop. The drums never let up as if the drummer was on some sort of war drug that influenced him to crush two hundred human skulls per minute on the battlefield. The drug was a huge success by the way. Brace your self for an ugly display of ear savagery.

Massive RetaliationSecond Strike (2016)

This two man bestial force includes members from the black metal horde Death Fortress. Massive Retaliation play a no frills style of bestial war metal. This is an aggressive, raw onslaught that doesn’t give up. We have full on blasting mayhem that only stops for some of the most crushing down-tuned grooves. Vocals range from high pitched war shrieks to guttural demonized barks. If you are looking for a clean and polished sound, Massive Retaliation may not be for you. I suggest that you try and listen past the raw murk and embrace the war perfection that this band brings.

Profane OrderMarked by Malice (2016)

The first track may sound slow and somewhat boring, but that’s just the calm before the war-storm. Once “Ad Nauseam” starts at the 4:18 mark it’s time for blood. Profance Order are interesting in that the music is violently bestial but the vocals come off as almost hardcore. Usually I’m not a huge fan of modern day hardcore vocals but I have to say that I enjoy the fuck out of these. It adds a whole new twist to the bestial sound. If bestial black metal is not your thing I think Profane Order will be an exception. The riffs are strong and clear. The drumming is absolutely obliterating, and on top of that they are also tight as hell. Sometimes they even have some punk moments that add a different dynamic to the song structures which I really dig.

HexenslaughtDemo (2016)

Necrovore, anyone? Anyone? Did I see a hand up in the back there? No, ok. Bueller? If any of you hardcore death metal maniacs don’t know who Necrovore is then you are a complete and utter fucking… Nope, not going to say it. I’m better than that. Who am I kidding, I’m not. YOU FUCKING POSERS!!! This demo still holds as my favorite demo release of this year and maybe my favorite overall release as well. There are not a lot of bands that tackle this sound and Hexenslaught do it to a fucking tee! Raw and abrasive oldschool thrashin’ blackened deathmetal is the name of the game here flushers. This demo does not disappoint. For fans of the First Morbid Angel demos, Necrovore demo, and the early Poison (Germany) demos.

Pigs BloodDemo (2015)

This is one one of my most played cassettes of this year. While it’s not a 2016 release Pigs Blood do however need to be known.  This is probably the most well-crafted bestial war metal content I’ve heard, song wise. You can tell that these guys really thought these songs out instead of just blasting through each song. There are lots of stop and go moments and some pretty complex drum fills and rhythmic patterns throughout the demo. Vocals are one of my favorite components of this demo in that they range from all sorts of different styles. We have our violent high shrieks, low guttural barks, and, my favorite, the pitch shifted gurgles which add a bit of a grind element to their sound. Guitars have a bone-crushing tone that complements the violent riffage. Pigs Blood is top-notch crushing mayhem.

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